Marketing Costs


In the drug addiction treatment center industry it can get expensive looking for people who either have insurance or cash up-front to pay for treatment. With this being the case we all have to pour through dozens and hundreds of leads or inquiries before we find the person who “admits” and can pay for treatment. This being the case, we have to attract a lot of people to our business. For these people who can afford drug rehab, we want to make sure that we have the opportunity to speak with them when the moment is right.

The problem for drug addiction treatment centers is that there are constantly new players entering the drug rehab space, which keep driving up marketing costs. The addiction treatment centers have to keep driving more traffic to their business & mdash; specifically their websites. Driving traffic to your website on a consistent basis is no small or inexpensive task.

What is the best way to lower your cost of marketing? Make your website convert as much of the existing traffic as possible! If you aren’t converting at least two visitors out of every hundred into a phone call, you have a lot of room for improvement and we can help substantially at Recovery Websites. Part of what we excel in is tracking, measurement and analytics. We track everything from phone calls to visits to admissions.

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